Trans-Alaska Pipeline Survey Term Contract

Client: Alyeska Pipeline Services
Location: North Slope to Valdez, AK

Under this multi-year term contract, Kuna provided the full range of surveying services (from land surveying and construction surveying to offshore surveying and GPS) for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System from the North Slope to Valdez. An experienced team was assembled to perform the work, including a chief of parties; party chiefs; survey technicians; quality control inspectors; electrical, civil, and lead field inspectors; and quality specialists. The following are some of the tasks completed under the term contract.

  • Port of Valdez Bottom Sampling – Our survey team positioned the Valdez Star using GPS and specialized HYPACK software during annual bottom sampling project. We establish a base station on the terminal that broadcasts GPS corrections to the GPS receiver onboard the Valdez Star. Our efforts significantly reduced the time needed to acquire samples and greatly improved the accuracy of the sample positions.
  • Denali Earthquake Response – The morning following the earthquake, Kuna provided three crews onsite to perform layout surveys so that excavation could begin immediately to determine possible damage. Survey of the pipeline 25 miles north and south of the fault were conducted to determine overall movement of the pipe. Eight GPS receivers were mobilized to reduce the time needed to complete the survey, resulting in a complete survey in 40 days.
  • Fuel Gas Line Depth of Cover – Kuna determined the depth of cover on 148 miles fuel gas line for this project. Our teams utilized GPS to establish horizontal and vertical control along the entire length of the gas line, a critical need as there were known busts in the vertical control between pump stations. To ensure the integrity of the pipeline, Kuna also surveyed an additional 198 weld excavations for top-of-pipe data and the top-of-ground profile for the remainder of the fuel gas line.
  • Valdez Marine Terminal Facilities Monitoring – Kuna provided ongoing vertical monitor surveys of selected pump stations and facilities using levels with micrometers and invar level rods to obtain precise measurements (0.001’) of movement inside the facilities.
  • Below-ground Stability Monitoring – Kuna performed ongoing monitoring to detect movement from the pipeline’s original location and ensure the vertical integrity of the buried section of the pipeline.
  • River and Floodplain Studies and Monitoring – Kuna performed surveys and studies for pipeline design across streams and rivers and monitored the stability of stream banks and beds in relationship to the pipeline. These surveys include updating the original drawings with new cross section data.
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) Changes – Many of the various projects that occur along the pipeline required changes to the ROW. The process for this required an as-built survey of field assets, which was then used to create a drawing showing the new structure and the existing and proposed ROW.