NSB Area-wide Water & Sewer Operations, Maintenance & Training

Client: NSB Public Works Department
Location: North Slope, Alaska

Kuna provides technical services that are critical to the continued function of the water and sewer systems serving NSB villages. Kuna performs all the non-routine work under the O&M operation, which includes engineering support, skilled technician work on the systems, regulatory compliance, and training. Engineering support involves developing scopes, budgets, and recommendations for emergency repairs and capital upgrades to improve performance of the treatment, distribution, and collection systems. Engineering support continues in a construction administration capacity to ensure upgrades and repairs are correctly accomplished and recorded. Our skilled technicians include controls specialists who evaluate facility and process controls to plan capital upgrades, and implement operational repairs to those systems.

Kuna’s regulatory compliance work entails supporting and informing operators in sampling and reporting of treatment operations, as well as reviewing sample results for all villages and developing recommendations and action plans for improving plant performance. Training includes a roving utility operations expert who provides on-site training of NSB operators for certification and local workforce development. This training also includes coordination of formal certification classes and exams with the local tribal college.

In addition to these defined services, Kuna provides more general project management and program management services (e.g., oversight of the project team, strategic planning for the NSB Utility Division, and as-needed consulting on a wide variety of issues), which are necessary to maintain and improve service to the residents of the North Slope Borough.