Kisik Center Rendering, Nuiqsut, AK

Kisik Center

Client: City of Nuiqsut
Location: Nuiqsut, AK

Bill Guevremont, Kuna’s lead architect, assumed the pivotal role of lead architect for the extensive redevelopment of an approximately 11,000-square-foot multi-purpose city community center and maintenance facility. His remarkable proficiency in orchestrating extensive teams of stakeholders, including user groups and technical experts, has garnered widespread acclaim for his ability to address the city’s unique requirements.

This project operates within stringent time and budgetary parameters, both of which have been adeptly managed and met. Bill’s capacity to adhere to financial constraints while delivering a facility design that introduces a refreshing aesthetic to the city, sparking enthusiasm among the populace, has proven invaluable to the undertaking.

Moreover, Bill’s deep understanding of the demanding arctic environment and his commitment to crafting a design that excels in energy efficiency and user-friendliness assures that Nuiqsut will reap the benefits of his expertise for many years to come.