Clearwell II Water Storage Tank

Client: Doyon Utilities, LLC
Location: JBER, AK

This project installed a new 1.2-million-gallon potable water storage tank at the JBER water treatment plant that is operated by Doyon Utilities. The Clearwell II tank is adjacent to the Clearwell I tank, and the piping is interconnected with the Chlorine Treatment building on the same site.

Kuna provided the commissioning agent role for this project. This required a review of the project requirements, design documents and field observations throughout construction. When it was time for startup of the various systems and operation of the interconnecting piping, Kuna was on-hand to document that the operation of the installed items met the requirements of the project. This required the Kuna staff to be flexible with construction scheduling and meet the needs and timing of the staff on site. It also required Kuna’s technical expertise to create checklist documentation that was used to document the installed performance.

Kuna provided timely responses at key interval that helped this large utility project be a success for all parties involved and Kuna will provide that same level of critical attention to future projects.