Client: Teck Alaska
Location: Red Dog Mine

Kuna has managed and delivered a wide variety of services for multiple Red Dog Mine projects, typically on tight schedules.  Kuna has provided engineering, inspection, planning, survey, permitting, and construction support for dozens of design projects ranging from process piping, electrical upgrades, roadway development, housing expansions, water treatment, wastewater treatment, pump houses, power studies, and hydraulic and environmental studies.

Kuna works closely with Teck to develop projects from scoping concepts through construction documents. This has led to weekly project reporting and collaboration that has allowed Kuna to creatively solve some of the challenges Teck faces. An example of this is the evaluation of the glycol system that is used in the combined heat and power plant (CHP). This evaluation gathered decades of operational information and plant changes to determine an effective way to maximize the operation of the system. This resulted in a design that avoided a million dollar system modification. Another example is when Kuna identified an alternative method to electrical room cooling that reduced electrical consumption and increased operational reliability at a fraction of the cost of other strategies.